About Us

The Massapequa Lacrosse Club, home of the Mohawks, is dedicated to promoting the great game of Lacrosse to the boys and girls of Massapequa in grades K-8.  We strive to maintain a program where every participant, regardless of initial skill level, has the opportunity to have fun while learning the game and developing teamwork, confidence, good sportsmanship, commitment and a sense of community.  Our coaches and parents are encouraged to develop and maintain a positive and safe environment at all times.

The Club offers winter training sessions, intended to improve the skill level and development for all players in all grades.  The Club offers Spring town lacrosse, which provides all players in all grades with a full spring season of practices, instruction and games.  The Club also offers Mohawks travel lacrosse, which is a tryout based offering, providing players in grades 3 and up with additional instruction and participation in local tournaments.

The Club values good sportsmanship, both on and off the field, by all coaches, parents and players at all times.  We strive to assist our players in reaching their full potential, both on and off the lacrosse field, by developing a skill-set and a love of the game that will prepare them for the high school level of Lacrosse and beyond.